Interweaving Conference 2015

Seminars: Preparing for Conferences

Preparing a poster for a conference, and how to prepare and present a paper.

Preparing for Conferences: Your PhD on a Page

This course is for researchers who are preparing an academic poster for presentation at conference.

In this course we explore key visual design and communication skill guidelines to focus on layout, visual impact and powerful writing (text). Posters require us to change our communication approaches, writing habits and style. We will learn to write and design with clarity, conviction and impact by using design thinking methods and understanding what does, and does not, work on a poster.

The aim is to explore your untapped creative and personal communication strengths through a well-designed and beautifully communicated message on a poster: potentially your CV on a page!


  1. Posters-Part1
  2. Posters-Part2
  3. Posters-Part3
  4. Posters-Part4
  5. Posters-Part5
  6. Posters-Part6
  7. Posters-Part7
  8. Posters-Part8
  9. Posters-Part9
  10. Posters-Part10

Preparing for Conferences: Presenting your Poster

A follow on from the ‘Your PhD on a page’ workshop, this workshop will focus on how you pitch your research and your poster using traditional 'show and tell' and new 'pecha-kucha' style techniques in visual and verbal interactive communication.

We'll explore your capacity to listen and influence others and give you personal advice/tips to improve your overall pitch at conference. We'll base this on an understanding of elements of psychology such as attention span, listening skills, observation and understanding of human behaviour in environments such as large, noisy conference spaces.

With increasing numbers of posters being displayed and presented in these new ways, this is an ideal opportunity to prepare for any opportunity. If you make a good impression at conference you should be prepared to stand with your poster for three minutes presenting in the conference hall and on the big screen.

Are you ready for this type of exposure and this opportunity to share your vision? By the end of the course we will have worked on a clear, concise pitch that allows you to talk with confidence with anyone in the room. This is potentially an essential career and networking skill for your future.


  1. Presentations-Part1
  2. Presentations-Part2
  3. Presentations-Part3
  4. Presentations-Part4
  5. Presentations-Part5
  6. Presentations-Part6
  7. Presentations-Part7
  8. Presentations-Part8
  9. Presentations-Part9
  10. Presentations-Part10
  11. Presentations-Part11
  12. Presentations-Part12
  13. Presentations-Part13
  14. Presentations-Part14